Thursday, August 11, 2011

Getting Back To The Blog

I have been busy. What have I been doing? Everything seems to take so long that it is hard to account for all this time!!! Here is a brief recap of my activities since my last posting:

Christmas Quilts! I made denim/flannel quilts for each grandchild.
For Grandchild #1

For Grandchild #2

For Grandchild #3

In Febrary I went to Montana for 50 days to babysit the grandkids while their Dad was away at school and their Mom was working most days. I loved being with them. However, I found out that the endless patience I thought I had mastered could still be shattered with enough nights of sleep deprivation. Here is a before and after Photoshop edited photo of getting ready to go to the park and where it would have been fun to have spent a vacation with them.

Since coming home from Montana, catching up on sleep and adjusting to total peace and quiet, I have started on the process of returning to the "Ranks of the Employed" or the "Beginning of a New Career" or "Coming out of Retirement." Whatever one wants to call it, it is pretty scary. I have not had a full time job for many years. My resume has gone through 20 revisions or more. A friend hired me part time for a summer job in the administrative assistant field and I love it. Anyone know of some openings?

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