Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Projects

I have been busy the last few months but haven't posted. However, I continue to stalk many blogs. I saw something on this wonderful blog that I loved. I thought, I could do that! I don't need a pattern!" I had several yards of the chiffon already gathered left over from another project so I made a skirt. It took much longer since I didn't have a pattern and had to do a lot of planning and recovering from plans that didn't work like I thought they would. However, here is the result. I call it a cotton candy skirt although the one I saw was called something else. Here is the link to the skirt I saw on my friend's blog.

I also found a dress that was worn by my oldest daughter about 26 years ago. Each of my daughters had a matching dress and I saved one of them. When I found it again I realized that my granddaughter could wear it. However, I needed to lengthen it a bit since dresses were much shorter then. It looks like this will fit for a year or two! The old hemline left a mark so I did some embroidery to match the smocking on top. It turned out great. However, my granddaughter was tired of posing, I guess.

I couldn't send these to my granddaughter without also sending something to her brothers so I made hero shirts. I designed logos for them and printed them onto iron on transfer paper then applied them to the t-shirts. Then I made capes out of old table topper fabric pieces that were used at their mother's wedding reception. I used Velcro to attach the capes but I should have just made ties to tie them on. The weight of the capes pulled on the shoulders of the t-shirt.

I also have also discovered some wonderful additions to oatmeal cookies. Try adding some coconut, dried tart cherries ( I used Dried Pitted Tart Montgomerency Cherries from Trader Joes.), almond extract instead of vanilla and chocolate chips. YUM!!!!!!!!


  1. Fun projects! (And can I say that I'm so flattered that you linked to my blog?!!). I especially love the superhero shirts!! Too cute. I love how Brady is studying his with his little lip out!

  2. Looking great, Mom! Thanks so much for all your hard work!