Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wedding Reception Treats

I love making mini desserts. Sometimes I get to do this for special family events. Last week I was busy creating treats for my nephew's wedding reception. I used a theme of fall colors and flavors. Shown above is the final tally of goodies. Below are some individual photos.
I loved the musings of another blogger who wondered what Fall leaves would taste like. So I started experimenting on that concept. I made some maple flavored crisp cookies that I cut out with a maple shaped cookie cutter. They turned out beautifully but did not photograph well. I also made cinnamon crisp cookies cut into oak leaf shapes which were also delicious but did not photograph well either. From that start I experimented with other Fall themed desserts.

These are mini turnovers. They are filled with berry and apple pie filling that I created using plenty of corn starch and tapioca for thickener.

These are mini meringues. I used an orange powder for the flavoring and color, and used decorating sugar for the topping. I also remembered reading somewhere that using a bowl of water to dip a finger into would let me smooth the pointed tops that were left.

These are mini lime and lemon tarts. They were really delicious and very popular!!!!!

These are heart shaped sugar cookies rolled very thin. I divided the finished dough into five parts and added paste food color to each part. I used yellow, green, orange, red and purple. Then I cut out the cookies. I made blended colors of different colored scraps of dough to make transition colors. I was going for a variety of Fall leaf colors and the concept of hearts as Fall leaves.

These mini cupcakes are one of my old standbys but I realized that decorating sprinkles over the top hides the rough pipping tips. Great trick!

Also served were mini cream puffs purchased from Costco, Nanaimo bars and cheesecake slices in a variety of flavors from a grocery bakery. These made a lovely presentation each on a different crystal like plate or cake stand and I had a wonderful time experimenting with new ideas.


  1. They all look (and sound) great, Mary!

  2. What beautiful desserts! I want to try one of each.

  3. Holy cow ! I wish I was there! I am suddenly starving...